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Questions that we receive from customers are as stated below.

Creation of Statements of Accounts

This is my first time conducting a settlement. How should I do it?
We can consult with you about everything from confirmation of ledgers to whether or not each type of necessary document has been submitted. If something is incomplete, we will give advice or do work on your behalf, in accordance with your situation.
When is the deadline for submitting declarations or statements of accounts?
In principle, it is necessary to submit them within two months after the last date of the settlement period. The documents that must be submitted include various attached documents, in addition to declarations and statements of accounts.
Are there things to be submitted in addition to declarations and statements of accounts?

<Documents that must be submitted to the tax office>
Corporate tax return table, statements of accounts and detailed statements of the breakdown of account titles, consumption tax return, explanation of an overview of corporate business, etc.

<Documents that must be submitted to your prefectural tax office>
Declaration for corporate enterprise tax, local corporation special tax, and corporate residence tax (form no. 6), Table 9 of Form no. 6, etc.

<Documents that must be submitted to your local government office>
Declaration for corporate residence tax (Form no. 20), etc.

Please consult us about preparation of these documents and submitting them on your behalf.

Establishment of Companies

What is the approximate amount of expenses required for establishing a company?
In the case of establishing an incorporated company, registration and license tax in the amount of 7/1,000 of the amount of capital (a minimum of JPY 150,000), JPY 50,000 for service charges to certify the articles of incorporation, and JPY 40,000 for a revenue stamp charge (not required in the case of electronic articles of incorporation) will be necessary. In addition, if you hire a specialist to conduct procedures for company establishment, remuneration for the specialist will be necessary.
Is it advisable to hire a specialist to conduct procedures for company establishment? Or is it better to conduct establishment procedures myself?
We recommend hiring a specialist to conduct procedures for company establishment. Of course, it is also possible to conduct establishment procedures yourself. If you do so, please take care about conducting notifications after establishment. The reason for this is that, in some cases, if you do not submit a notification by the deadline, you will not be able to receive tax-related privileges. In order to prevent such things, we think that it is advisable to consult or hire a specialist.
Approximately how much time is necessary to establish a company?
Ordinarily, the period for establishment is approximately two to three weeks. If you are in a hurry, it is also possible to establish a company in approximately one week. It is advisable to first decide the date of establishment, and then calculate backward and meticulously make plans.

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