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Below is an introduction of establishment of companies.

Establishment of companies

Since our corporation began operation, we have provided support for many consultations about starting businesses.

In recent years, the number of young entrepreneurs has been increasing. We first listen to their business plan, and then suggest optimal creation of an organization.

We also provide support in relation to financing and subsidies for initial capital.

Matters that should be determined at the time of establishing an incorporated company

  • Company name (trade name)
  • Purpose of business (business content)
  • Location of headquarters
  • Shareholders (capital investors)
  • Amount of capital
  • Directors
  • Business year (settlement month)

Procedures for establishment

  • 1. Preparation for company establishment
    • Determination of establishment matters
    • Creation of a seal
  • 2. Creation and certification of articles of incorporation
    • Creation of articles of incorporation
    • Certification procedures for articles of incorporation
  • 3. Preparation of registration documents
    • Payment of capital
    • Preparation of various application forms
  • 4. Registration of company establishment
    • Application for establishment registration
    • Obtaining a certified copy of the register
  • 5. Notification of starting business, etc.
    • Opening a bank account
    • Notification to the tax office
  • 6. Completion of establishment
    • Company operation
    • Applications for subsidies, etc.

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