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Below are messages from two tax attorneys on behalf of our corporation.



Our goal is to grow together.

Hello. My name is Murao, and I am a representative employee of Sunny Tax Accounting Inc.Thank you very much for visiting our website.

Since our corporation was established, we have been providing support to mainly small and medium-size companies, under the motto of "growing together with our customers." We handle not only tax and accounting matters, but also consultations about all aspects of management. Our customers' growth is our greatest happiness.

As professionals, we are always aware of whether we are being of use to our customers, and we continue to take on challenges on a daily basis.
The service that our corporation provides is not a processed type of "still" service, but rather an active form of a "moving" service that offers recommendations and supports companies' desire for reform. We aim to be a partner that gives shape to our customers' desire to become even better.



Providing original and creative service!

Our corporation's representative and other employees are young, and we use our quick work as an advantage in order to provide prompt and flexible service. Companies are very diverse, and there are also a wide variety of scales for business content.

Customers also are each seeking different things, of course, and we always strive to provide an original service that matches each individual customer.

In addition, in order to provide the best service possible, it is sometimes important to not only look at numbers, but also to learn customers' true intentions; therefore, we aim to provide appropriate service as tax professionals and to be a good consultation partner for business proprietors.

List of types of business handled

Various types of business such as IT-related business, restaurant business, beauty-related business, retail and wholesale business, construction and engineering business, manufacturing business, real estate business, hotel and Japanese-style inn business, advertising agency business, service and consultant business, recycling business, agriculture business, and landscaping business.
We have handled more than 300 companies, and their scales are diverse, ranging from sole proprietors to listed companies. The work content that we specialize in includes ordinary tax and accounting advice, as well as starting businesses, company establishment, business succession, organizational restructuring, and inheritance.

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